It’s a new year and we made it (Here’s to a good, rockin new year to all).

This was to be the time I was plugging my CD “End of the Sky”. My intention  was to have it done and in stores by end of  2012. Life, as I know it, got in the way.

Instead I have seven wav files, all mixed and good to go to production.  They all sound great.

Except for one. The biggest baddest track of all: serious huge percussion, laced with lots of swirling synthesizers and dancing guitar parts in a humongous canyon like space. Not that it sounds bad-it sounds awesome- in my head. It’s that little detail of getting into an mp3-that the problem.

I thought this one was ready to go at one point. I was building the master CD files. I gave this one listen, not even a critical, hard one. Ouch! back to the mix.

To date: 212 hours, 51 different mixes.  78 tracks (not counting the ones deleted). It has been through 4 major metamorphoses.

I’m not going to say it’s close to done because I’m not sure what it will take to get that sound.  And I’m not giving up-I know when it is done it will be well worth it.

There are several ways to look at a problem, in the studio and in life in general:

  • View it as an insurmountable obstacle. Have someone else do it or just give up
  • Do it half-assed
  • View it as a challenge. take the time to learn. Make mistakes, do it again and again until you get it right.

I choose the last one. It’s not a choice really. I always remind myself to be true to the music -I owe it that. I owe to anyone who enjoys my music. And I owe it to myself-I really love doing this, even when it’s not going right.

So once again: Looking forward to my debut CD “Cry of the Sky” being out in stores in early spring.

And when it is, I’ll make it available as a free mp3 download to fans on facebook.

As always, thanks for listening

Here is a track from the CD that is good to go.