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The eternal life of love.

Posted by paulmuzea_wp on March 14, 2012
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I am becoming convinced that the greatest works of art and music that have endured through the ages have been inspired wholly and solely by the greatest force of all in life, that being love, be it in appreciation of or an expression of unreturned. And the creators of these works have without a doubt had someone that deeply affected them in their lives. It is this love that lives on immortally as much as the lives of the artists.

Cheap Guitars

Posted by paulmuzea_wp on March 10, 2012
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Ten reasons to own cheap guitars
1) Its really easy to be impulsive and buy it on a whim.
2) You don’t need to spend extra for a case or a guitar stand. You would never dream of that with a nice guitar
3) You can take it camping or strap it on a motorcycle without a second thought.
4) If you need to get the audience’s attention in a loud rowdy bar. You can severely abuse it. That gets peoples attention.
5) If you abuse it constantly it will start to look “distressed”, people will be impressed by how much you “play” it. (also see reason 6)
6) If you play it really well, people who know guitars will be impressed. If you strap on a $4000 guitar, people will expect you to play really well. They are surprised if you play a crappy one well.
7) Less like to get stolen. If it’s sitting next to a 1963 Les Paul, it won’t even be noticed.
8)You can play it in the rain and not worry about it. about it. If you leave it out in the rain and it gets ruined you throw it away and get another one.
9) If you’re attacked you can use it for a weapon
10) they don’t cost much. you can buy 10 different ones with the same money you would need for 1 really nice one.
Everyone loves a nice guitar, but cheap guitars are practical and well, cheap. And when it comes down it when you get more than 3 feet away from it, most people wouldn’t notice. In most cases, 95% of  playing a really nice guitar is vanity on the part of the owner.
Here’s to cheap guitars.
A side note. Yes, the strat in my header picture is a really nice guitar, but when it sold new in 1960, the price was comparable to any cheap guitar today, And I didn’t really pay that much more for it when I bought it in 1979.