It’s funny how a cut can take on a life of it’s own. This track took a lot longer than I had ever expected.  What started as a small cozy ambient track has developed into a multitrack conceptual monster. The name came as I was out running one day. I heard the shriek of one of the distant hawks that populate the skies over the upper Delaware valley of New York State where I live.

The name “Cry in the Sky” lead me to start thinking about a concept piece leading up and beyond.  This is just the opening track of that extended concept. Parts I and II are combined here, although I have online versions separated The next track in the series “Beyond the Sky” is pretty well along , but I have no idea when it will be done. As I mentioned, the tracks take on lives of their own..

Cry in the Sky, Parts I and II

And a happy and healthy New Year to you.