In the late 90’s I was at a session doing guitar work for a friend at Clinton Studios in New York.
When I got to the studio that evening I got to hear, for the first time, the track I was going to play on.
The track grew on me quickly, and stuck in my head long after, even though it was be the last time I would hear it for many years.
Just today, I got the email, all these years later, with the finished track attached.
I like the song even more now, so I thought it’d be cool to post it.

What I remember most about the date was working in studio A at Clinton.
Now long closed, Clinton studio, like all those old studios in New York, had a stellar history. At least 40 feet long and 30 feet high, Studio A was a sound stage that could contain an entire orchestra. They would record soundtracks for Disney movies, as well as countless commercials. I remember sitting between takes at the 9 foot Steinway, thinking to myself “this piano accompanied Sinatra…”

Here’s a shot of Studio A at Clinton.


I set up my tiny 250ML amp on a chair, about 15 feet in front of the control room window, facing out into the room, with a Neumann Mic in front and a DI feed in the back. I turned up. All the way up. Most sessions you never remember. Some you never forget…