Do you know when you get to feeling like doing something else rather than what you actually are, and have to be doing?  I doubt there’s anyone who doesn’t.

Or how about when you feel you should be doing something else instead of what you are actually doing.  And I don’t mean watching  TV, or mindlessly surfing. I mean when you are doing something that’s really important to you. The things that bring you and perhaps others joy and that bring in little, if any income, vs the things which you do to survive (aka: day job).

Only the few fortunate really do what it is they are impassioned about and get paid for it.

The rest of us have to fit in what we love when we can in the constant balancing act of life. And it seems to get worse as you get older.

The first thing that we wind up giving up: sleep. Many artists/composers/writers/bloggers are sleep deprived. Most folks stay up late. I wake up the middle of the night, in the quiet open spaces of the wee hours of the day to create music. It took me many years to realize what works for me.

For many it’s inspiring to see how people fit what they love to do into an already demanding schedule of have-to-dos

So, if you have a passion and path you follow, and are inclined to share, I’m curious. What is it you love to do and how do you fit it into what you have to do?