One Fall Evening

Staying in touch with the green world around me is a big part of where music comes from for me.

I sat on the edge of a high cliff overlooking the river valley, and watched the sun back down behind the mountain
Cast lengthening shadows
And golden early fall light as far as the eye could see.
I could hear the sound of the wind in the trees
And I could smell the rock of the cliff.


Sunset-Anywhere and NowhereEach sunset is so unique
And yet can bring back memories of so many others:
A peaceful windy evening on the prarie near Albert Lea
A dead still November night camped out on a service road in death valley
Where the only sound was that of your hearbeat,
The sun dropping into the pacific ocean as seen from the coastal mountains in the Olympics.
A bitter cold evening camped in the high snows on Mt marcy, with the last alpenglow turning the confection covered pines a rich pastel pink.
The sky turned to fire as the sun dropped below the clouds of what had been a battleship gray dismal day at the foot of the Columbia glacier in Alberta.

All these memories came back to me. And for a little while, I couldn’t remember what it was that was troubling me earlier.