I write this to myself; if anyone can use it, I’m grateful that I’ve shared it.

We humans are explorers, and we must choose a path to explore. We have but one path. I don’t mean fate. I mean possibility, but only one at a time
The paths offered us are infinite. It is not only the essential right, but obligation to choose a path and not worry where it leads us. It is our obligation and right to choose and follow our own path and explore it. If you find someone to travel with, that you can teach, that you can learn from and learn with, how wonderful. But you can lead no one, and no one can lead you. It is false and unfair, should anyone tell you otherwise. Always seek the wisdom within yourself to know when a path no longer serves you. And always seek the strength to continue, when you know in your heart, no matter how difficult, it is right one. Not in your mind, in your heart. Know the difference. It is a dangerous one.
Turn in any direction, any infinite selection. Choose the path that draws you. If you take pleasure and comfort, if you continue to learn from it, then continue. If not, stop, leaving it, and taking what you have learned. Once again, turn in any direction and choose, ignoring the path you were once on, ignoring whatever attempts to draw you back to it. And don’t delay. You are only afforded so much time in life to follow this path.
This is your wealth and treasure. The universe offers infinite wealth and choices, but you must seek them, be it spiritually, emotionally or physically. Be fearless in your own path. Be confident in your wisdom to choose the right one, and be gentle to yourself when your path becomes tumultuous. No path is free from pain and suffering. If you do not learn from the suffering, you have wasted an opportunity.
And be humble, compassionate and strong when you find one who is struggling to find their own path. Humble because you know no more than they do about this path other than it exists. Be compassionate because it is what you would want for yourself. Be strong because the weak accomplish little and move slowly on their path, if at all. As I mentioned, the strong and courageous move quickly on their path and cover more ground. The weak do not.
The only things we need to take on this path are strength, honestly, compassion, humility and what we have learned.