We as a species are generally dwellers. There are some who are drifters, wanderers, nomads, but basically we as a race find a place we like and stick with it. Or never move from where we were born.

I now live several miles from the Delaware river. The part that runs clear as drinking water. Bald and golden eagles live here. Wild trout live here.
We like to think a place we live in is ours. But in fact, it’s the opposite; we belong to the land. If I were to move away,something would be missing. From me. And from the land. Owning land seems such an absurd concept. Sitting Bull, when asked about selling “his people’s land” replied “selling the land is like selling your ancestors”

I know many people who do possess a strong connection to this place, though they never mention it; its not blatantly obvious they all belong to the river but it is evident. Part of this family.
We are river people.
As part of a family we feel the need to protect loved ones. And that includes the river. The only thing on it’s side is time. The river will endure. Damaged, injured,it will heal with time; will remain as it has for tens of thousands of year.
But we don’t. We as individuals are far less significant and enduring than the place we “own”. Our significance as humans only goes so far as the extent we interact with our surroundings, will become our legacy, for better or worse.
Doing nothing leaves nothing. Do something good for the place you live.

The Delaware River near Narrowsburg, NY as seen from the center.

Once given the distinction of being the cleanest River in the US, the upper Delaware River region is under pressure from big money and big energy companies for development of Hydro-fracking for natural gas.