P1000025Spring and the new CD
The mountains of the Catskills in upstate New York are still brown and bare, but there are splashes of bright green everywhere and life force of spring in the mountains is poised to explode.
And the CD “The Sky Suite” is done. After the mad push finishing it up, production here has gone into slow gear as I regroup, recreate and start getting together ideas and concepts for the next CD “Indigo Project” which I’m shooting to have complete by year’s end.

So as I regroup, I take time to enjoy spring and the company of fellow musicians in exchanging ideas and music.
One of the greatest inspirations in music is hearing the inspirations of other musicians, especially live. Music is, after all the ultimate social networking, reaching far deeper into our beings than words can.
When you have the opportunity to “be” with real music, that is, hearing real music, real time from real musicians, you’re reminded that recorded music: cds, streaming and mp3’s are only a reflection of the real thing. Music is a purely human phenomenon, and best served up by real humans.
So that’s my plug to support live music when you can.

But, thankfully we do have the option of having music anytime in the form recorded music, and “The Sky Suite” which I have not yet figured out how to perform live, is available online at Itunes, Amazon, and here:


Give a listen.. and if you like, I would suggest getting the Physical CD. Mp3’s are great, but in order to get the real time flow of the full, uninterrupted Suite, without the silence inherent in mp3 singles, you can’t beat the smoothness of the CD.

Thanks again for being a fan.

Paul Muzea