That smell of spring, it’s in the air
The nights here in upstate New York are still cold. Not bitter just-colder than march normally lets them get. But the days are getting comfortably cozy- and oh, that warm spring sun! This happens every year- winter’s tenacious, nasty grip is gradually weakened to the point where it can’t hold on and the old man is dragged off, blowing and moaning, to make room for a more gentle seductive mistress, spring. Each year that spring mistress seems more welcome.
And work on the new CD continues. Slowly. With many obstacles, some foreseen, (like long scheduled paying projects) and some unforeseen. Steinberg Wavelab has turned out to be a great mastering tool, better for the task than using Sonar X2 which is the recording and tracking software I normally use and I had originally intended to master on. But the learning curve of getting comfortable with Wavelab has been one of those unforeseen obstacles that has gotten in the way of the CD release. It was still worth the effort.
All the “little” things that go into making a CD, usually handled by a small army of creative souls (artwork, copy, layout, song order, printing, duplicating…) take their own time. This small army if just an army of me-and everything always takes longer than you expect for it to. Then there’s the learning curve for the new graphics software. Heck I’m a musician, not a graphic artist.
This is the absolute un-fun part of a CD (well maybe a little fun-but making music is still way more fun…)
I still remain Psyched and on schedule for early spring, maybe late March if all goes well. The tracks sound great; nice levels and balanced. The CD cover and copy looks really cool. Now it’s all about getting it ready for printing and duplication.
Then back to creating music. Which is what it’s all about….