Living in paradise-I live where people go on vacation.  The drawback is you never go on vacation-but I love my work so it’s cool.

My own material has taken a back burner as of late for a few side projects. Some background music for a video, an experimental trio with me on guitar.

And Sara.

When I first heard Sara, (even before I got inside the building where she was performing-I heard her from outside)  my first thought was “Man she’s good! What is this singer doing in this place?”

As I got to know her and her music, I became more drawn into the sound of her voice, the lyrics and the sound she creates with just her tiny ukulele.  This lady’s talent runs deep.

So here I am, doing production on someone else music for her debut CD. Something I never planned to do.

The biggest challenge is not to let the music get in the way of her voice. Easy to do, because the songs are so strong. But it’s all about making her sound the best.

I really hope I see this lady go far. I’m here to give her a solid push in that direction.

One of her songs. Not bad production wise, but not done yet.