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Posted by paulmuzea_wp on June 7, 2013
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Since the CD release I haven’t posted much new material; lately I’ve gotten into “experimental” mode- that means trying stuff I’ve never done: alternate tunings, attempts at using household items as percussion instruments and the like… sometimes (most times) things don’t work out the way I intend. Sometimes they work out better,  sometime they don’t work out at all. That’s ok by me.

I see the sonic realm as this vast playground where you can do whatever you want, you can explore to your heart’s content. If you fall down sometimes, so what? As long as you have fun.
And I have also been seriously considering realizing the life-long ambition of building a power/electro/jazz/fusion band for performing. This is all in the planning stage. This will be a deep commitment on my part-much deeper than pure studio-built music. I have about 3 performance-ready tracks (none are yet posted, as they will all be performed with live players, and maybe one low-profile daw/droid) , when I have seven or so I think I’m good and ready to get the plan in process.
But for now tracks move forward. Here’s a little sample.

About the new CD..

Posted by paulmuzea_wp on April 4, 2013
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Well, my originally goal had been to have the CD “The Sky Suite” done by end of 2012. That’s come and gone. The obstacles, the countless remixes and remasters are also now gone, and I’m happy to say the CD is now available online as a download, and soon to be released as a physical CD.
For me the whole process of mastering is tedious at best, but still there is something so magical about witnessing a bunch of tracks and sound layers getting “glued” together as a real album, and I’m pretty happy with the result.
In any event I hope you get the opportunity to get as much enjoyment out of these tracks as I do. All the tracks are on ReverbNation for a listen, and the download is available at BandCamp


Up next:
Spring has sprung here in the Catskills (sort of) and after pretty consistent 7 day work weeks for the past 4 months, now that the CD is done and opening day (for fishing) has just passed, I think I’ll just steal a day or two for myself, take my backpack and fly rod and disappear into the wilderness of the Catskills, and hopefully come home with some new sounds and melodies in my head- it’s called re-creation for a good reason.

Then on to the next CD: “Indigo Project.”
Lots of prelimimary work done already, and all the tracks are pretty much sketched out. Who knows, maybe end of 2013 for finishing that one might be in stars
… and lots of music beyond….