So we are a village.
People who play music-or people who do anything that contributes to a better world for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do, can’t help but get together when someone’s in need.
As of late I have stepped back a little from a solitary world of softsynths, ethereal pads and electronic grooves and returned to a world of music that is live, flesh and blood, sweat and heat; where you smile at someone in the middle of a great groove and they smile back and it just gets better. Music the way it’s been since the beginning. Souls singing out using just voices and a few taught strings or skins.

Yesterday I was part of a benefit concert for a 5 month girl with a malignant tumor. Stage 3 Cancer.
The local (and not so local) talent that came out to support was humbling. And all that talent itself was humble. A lot of time and effort for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. I will always be in awe of people who do that. It is the prime mission of any human.
“Help others when you can”. If I can remember that and stick to it, happiness is so ridiculously easy to attain and maintain.

Hats off to Papa John who worked to put this all together. A great drummer and a great human.

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