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Live for live music

Posted by paulmuzea_wp on August 23, 2014
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The summers are always filled with the sounds of live music everywhere here in the shadow of Woodstock.
Each year in early August, the hippies, old (who remember the festival in ’69) and new( who wish they remembered it) return for what equates to a religious experience.The road to Woodstock
Yasgurs old farm, (though not the place where the actual festival took place, but the closest thing to it that allows hippies en masse to congregate) is filled with tents, resurrected VW buses and people, young and old, just reaching back to a simpler time of hope,love, harmony, along with alot of dope and great music.
It’s hard to fight “the flow” around here. Year round “the site” has a subtle yet profound effect on the land and the people. You notice a quiet reverence from those who visit the corner of Hurd and West Settlement roads, ground zero right near where the stage then stood for a half a million people, and a plaque commemorating it now stands. Traveling these sleepy bucolic roads, it’s hard to believe this gentle field was the stage for an event that changed a nation, a culture and history forever. Hard to not get quiet and introspective. Santana put it best when he returned for the first time forty years later: “This is sacred ground”Ground Zero-Woodstock
So summer around here is simply about playing music live, lots of it; acoustic and electric, blues, rock, world and anything else you can think of. Live music is forever in the DNA of the land, so we celebrate it long, loud and sweet. The night air mingles the scent of jasmine and weed, and the sound of the crickets at night and locusts by day mix with the sound of guitars.
And I am so humbled to be part of making the sounds of summer that are part of the celebration of Woodstock. The winters are cold and hard, and there’s plenty of time for the studio then. Right now it’s about the music, the moment it happens and the people who make it. Deep in the brilliant summer nights. Live and loud.



Playing for a cause.

Posted by paulmuzea_wp on November 10, 2013
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So we are a village.
People who play music-or people who do anything that contributes to a better world for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do, can’t help but get together when someone’s in need.
As of late I have stepped back a little from a solitary world of softsynths, ethereal pads and electronic grooves and returned to a world of music that is live, flesh and blood, sweat and heat; where you smile at someone in the middle of a great groove and they smile back and it just gets better. Music the way it’s been since the beginning. Souls singing out using just voices and a few taught strings or skins.

Yesterday I was part of a benefit concert for a 5 month girl with a malignant tumor. Stage 3 Cancer.
The local (and not so local) talent that came out to support was humbling. And all that talent itself was humble. A lot of time and effort for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. I will always be in awe of people who do that. It is the prime mission of any human.
“Help others when you can”. If I can remember that and stick to it, happiness is so ridiculously easy to attain and maintain.

Hats off to Papa John who worked to put this all together. A great drummer and a great human.

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