The concept originated one late fall afternoon while I was out along the upper Delaware River. I heard a hawk shriek high in the wind and started thinking of the trip of that hawk. And thinking beyond.

“Cry in the Sky” is the first part of the complete Sky Suite, the complete work to be release on the forthcoming CD “Indigo Project”. To date the entire suite runs about 40 minutes. It is meant to be listened to in sequence, as in a way it is telling a narrative.

The concept starts with the lone shriek high in the sky of a hawk. The perspective shifts to that of a hawk, looking down on the expanse of wilderness below. The hawk rises in the sky, higher and higher, and the perspective broadens, taking in more and more of the expanse below. Perspective and consciousness expand and the hawk continues to rise, not unlike Icarus ascending, but there are no waxed wings to fail. In the sequel track “Beyond the Sky”  the perspective moves higher and higher, away from the comforts of earth into the unknown and the hawk is no longer limited by physical constraints as consciousness expands. Into space, on and on, ever expanding perspective and consciousness. Into and beyond the stars, into the infinite. The suite returns home and closes with the track “Kiss the Sky”.