The last 5 months have kept this studio pretty well occupied with business as… not so usual.
I don’t usually take on artists’ projects. But when I heard Sara’s voice, her soulful lyrics, I felt like I didn’t have a choice-I needed to do this. Maybe it’s stupid to get so attached, but when I feel strongly about an artist or music, I can’t leave well enough alone.
She was just embarking on producing her debut CD. What started as an offer to play guitar on a session or two turned into a major part of production on the CD. Now Sara and I are building her a band-I feel fortunate to play guitar in it.
Producing her tracks has been a real joy- I never tire of hearing her sing. But my work on them is done-kissed off to final mix and mastering.

And now it’s time for me to get back to where I left off on at home. My music is an entire mindset, a world away from what I do live with Sara.
For me they are not tracks, they are a place unto themselves and a time unto themselves. They are a solo journey I have yet to find a partner or group to join me on. They feel like visions. They feel like worlds. When I open the door to that tiny room deep in the wee hours of the night- I don’t see a tiny room. I see a wide open expanse of aural possibilities, limitless in all directions. No matter which direction I choose, I know that I can’t possible reach the end. It is mind boggling and inspiring, like being an astral traveler.
Dimensionless, timeless, spaceless and infinite.
Where I was when I left off is irrelevant. I will pick up right…. here and I will head… there. And there will be music along the way. Always.

But here’s a little of what Sara and I have been doing for the past five months..